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Pay As You Go - Keeping Your Hearing Aids Running

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

So what is Pay As You Go? Well, hearing aids are usually sold as a bundle which includes all your audiological services, such as initial hearing test, assessment of needs, programming the aids - and aftercare like servicing, hearing advice, retesting, reprogramming and repairs. This comes along with a warranty, and is a very good model, meaning you have one point of contact if you need anything at all. This bundle is how the vast majority of my customers do business. One price and nothing more to worry about for years to come.

However, if your hearing care supplier has ceased trading, you’ve moved out of the area, or you’ve inherited a set of hearing aids, you don’t have a bundle of service. Some people sign up for an in-store service but later find their mobility changes and they can’t access the service they’ve paid for. In these circumstances, you can’t service/repair your hearing aids and you can’t get them updated to fit your current hearing loss, despite them still being fit for purpose.

This is where a PAYG service comes in. Hearing and Tinnitus Care has a price menu for almost any service you require. I program a wide range of hearing aids, and can offer home visits for those who need them. Too many hearing aids sit in drawers when they could be used to great advantage. If you want to know if your hearing aids are suitable for PAYG, please contact me with the make/model and I’ll provide a quote and offer you an appointment if I can help.

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