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Dementia & Hearing Care Services

I have recently refreshed my in-depth training on dementia and registered as a Dementia friend.

It’s important for people who are concerned about their loved one to know that we are here to help. You may think your loved one could not sit through a hearing test, but we have ways of adjusting the test to work for the best possible outcome. Patience, time and the building of relationships are all key to getting great hearing outcomes for those living with dementia.

Hearing and Tinnitus Care offers home visits, and family members are encouraged to support appointments and be involved in care.

So many times, when the hearing is put right, living with dementia becomes easier. The symptoms of hearing loss (such as disconnection from conversation) exacerbate dementia symptoms. Removing barriers to processing speech will help, not hinder you or your loved one’s ability to make the most of every day.

The most recent research has shown that 90% of people with dementia have a hearing loss. While a hearing test may fall down the list of priorities when you are coming to terms with a diagnosis of dementia, it is important to think about the links between these two conditions. Untreated hearing loss causes cognitive decline and increases dementia risk by up to a multiple of 5. Early treatment, and at the very least getting a reliable baseline hearing test result while it is still easy to do so, will help your audiologist manage your hearing loss to the best of their ability.

Contact me for confidential advice if you wish to discuss a hearing assessment for yourself, or any aspect of a loved one’s hearing care.

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