Testimonials (reviews) and lovely comments from customers.  Some have been taken from other sites such as Google Reviews and Facebook, to avoid asking people to repeat them.

Sally provides an excellent service, quality hearing aids and nothing is too much trouble to get them right.
Could possibly get them a little cheaper elsewhere, but the exceptional service makes up for that.
Highly recommended.

Tony C, Huddersfield (via Facebook)

Sally has been fantastic, not only in supporting me with testing my hearing and recommending my hearing aids, but giving all this support during Lockdown period. She is quick to respond to my emails and is there to support me with my queries.

My aids have transformed by life, it’s so brilliant to be able to join in group conversations, have the TV and music at a ‘normal level'. My wife and family have also benefitted greatly!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally to anyone considering making the leap into sorting out their hearing loss, you will receive no pressure, great advice and she won’t rest until your issue has been successfully addressed.

Mike P, Bradford (first time user)

Sally's been so patient and helpful - letting me try different hearing aids and answering the daftest of questions. And she's really passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. Although I only have mild hearing loss, I want to use them while cycling, and wind noise at 30 mph is quite a challenge! I totally echo the blog post - the joy of hearing skylarks again for the first time in 15 years was indescribable!

David D, Bradford (via Facebook)

I have recently had a consultation with the very lovely and very professional Sally from Hearing and Tinnitus Care.

Having been a [tinnitus] sufferer for over 13 years of the dreaded constant shrill shrieking In my ears, I did not expect too much from our meeting. I was told a long time ago by a consultant specialist to try “make a friend of it .” Obviously, I still believed this to be the case as it would’ve been front-page headlines if a cure for tinnitus had indeed been found.

Sally obviously cares very much about this very debilitating and depressing condition and totally empathises, as a sufferer herself. Having been given an attractive, dyslexia friendly handout, I was informed refreshingly simply about my senses, the cause of the tinnitus , my emotional response to it (very negative!) and, most importantly, that I have the ability to change my own mindset.

Previously I have relied on masking the sound with TV, music et cetera to manage my condition. Thank you Sally for giving me hope for my future management of this draining condition. 👍👋

Sue S, Brighouse, Tinnitus Patient

Thank you, Sally. I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday. You opened my eyes and answered questions I didn't know I needed answering [about tinnitus]. It was amazing. I can't thank you enough for your help so far and I can't wait to meet with you and try the hearing aids.

Rebecca M, Brighouse, Tinnitus Patient

I’m very pleased with my new hearing aids from Hearing & Tinnitus Care I began to lose my hearing when I was 30 and have been wearing aids ever since, until Sally introduced me to Widex Evoke ones and they’re awesome. I was used to getting a bigger and bigger battery compartment and ear moulds for what is now a profound hearing loss, and I thought that my aids could only get bigger and less effective as my loss progressed but these Widex ones are not only tiny and unobtrusive but the quality of the sound makes my previous Phonak Naida B90‘s appear crude by comparison. Very happy.

Dinah H, Brighouse, Power Aid User

** Fran's testimonial below is more unusual than many.  Where I worked before starting H&TC the product range had been slimmed down considerably shortly before Fran came in (and this did indeed lead to me handing in my notice), however many people were helped by the aids that were available and they are not the worst aids on the market by a long shot.  Fran was simply one of those cases where, after trying the things that I had available, I knew she needed something specific, and I knew it existed! I am delighted to now have access to every aid on the market, and delighted than Fran found me again - Sally **

I first met Sally Jackson when she was working for another company. I had made an appointment as I was having considerable hearing difficulties despite having NHS hearing aids. Sally encouraged me to make an application to the Department of Works and Pensions to see if I could get help with paying for better hearing aids. Sally shared with me that she had similar hearing difficulties to me, and I asked her, what hearing aids she used. She said, “Widex”, so I said, “please could I try them?” Sally explained [the company] did not sell them. I realised then, after trying the available aids , that this company hadn't the answer to my difficulties but that Sally was a good audiologist. As Sally advised, I made the application to the DWP but there were so many questions, that I lost heart and gave up. In the meantime I lost my job and just longed for a solution that was affordable, spending evenings eyeing up hearing aids being sold on eBay. I found more work, but was now terrified I might lose another job so decided to go back to the NHS to see if they could help, (I have had NHS hearing aids for over 20 years) they said I should re-apply to the DWP as they had nothing that could improve on the hearing aids they had already supplied to me . The audiologist explained it was my right to have help under the the 2010 Equality Act to enable me to work. The DWP gave me a new advisor, who was far more encouraging, though I still had to supply references and quotes so I went back to [the company] to find Sally, but was told she had left.  It occurred to me she may have set up her own business, as it was quite apparent she had not been feeling comfortable selling aids that she knew were not ones she would buy herself. I was so pleased when I came across her website and that afternoon rang her. Sally came to see me; she was selling Widex! I tried her demo Widex aids, and they were such an improvement. She helped with the remaining paper work for the DWP. The application was successful. Thanks to her honesty and patience I now believe I have been given the very best help available. I pinch myself, as I now hear so much better, and feel I know an audiologist I can trust, who was not prepared to sell me something that was not in her opinion the best option for me. 

Fran Lily, Halifax

Sally is very knowledgable and helpful.  She doesn’t just address the hearing problem but also the cause.  My assessment was carried out with several home visits, was very thorough and reassuring.  Sally is very experienced and will advise and explain but there is no hard sell involved.  Having struggled for years with NHS aids I am so pleased with the excellent service I received.
[testimonial copied from Facebook reviews - original can be seen on FB under @htcbrighouse]

Kath, Brighouse 

I have had profound loss of hearing in my left ear and more or less normal age related loss in my right ear. This has been addressed through the NHS for the last 20yrs, but has deteriorated over time. Sally Jackson assessed my hearing loss very thoroughly and explored the optimal way of compensating for it. She prescribed aids from two different manufacturers, each with different strategies for compensating for hearing loss. Not only were the aids optimised in the clinic setting for my hearing loss, but also I was able to try them out in the real world, with weekly consultations and adjustments before settling on one particular make. I really appreciated that Sally was sensitive to the fact that the brain needs time to adjust to novel input to the ears and her meticulous approach is ideal to get the best results. After sales follow-up is a similarly highly competent and cheerful service. I am very pleased with my new hearing aids. I can now hear my grandchildren’s speech much more easily and join in much more in family discussions. I can also hear birdsong as I remember it and hear leaves rustling and even my own footsteps.

Mark, Todmorden