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Wax Removal [Externally Provided]

Microsuction is the quickest and most convenient way to get excessive ear wax removed.  Microsuction can be carried out on damaged ears, including those with perforated eardrums, past surgery and other conditions which make syringing impossible or dangerous.  It is a specialised service but it is currently not sufficiently regulated, and it’s therefore very important to choose a trusted and experienced provider who has adequate training and insurance.  A provider should ask questions about your hearing and medical history, and explain risks ahead of the procedure.

Microsuction is a good place to start if you are planning on having custom hearing aids made, and wish to ensure the best possible fit.  If you know you are prone to excessive wax and are in need of a hearing test, it can be a good idea to have them cleaned out thoroughly before starting your hearing care journey.  

If you are having problems hearing and also feel your ears are ‘full’, or if you have discomfort, itching and dull hearing (especially after a bath/swimming), a build up of earwax is likely.   

Ear wax removal and microsuction is not a service I offer myself as I specialise in rehabilitation and tinntitus services.  However, I recommend my colleague Ralph Leach at Pennine Ear Care.  Ralph is a trained audiologist who now specialises entirely in microsuction.  All the reports I have had back from my hearing customers have been 100% positive and he is remarkably effective with almost zero customers needing to return for a second session to clear wax.

Contact Ralph via phone (or text if that is easier for you) and he will book you in for a convenient appointment at his Kirkheaton clinic (10 mins drive from the centre of Brighouse).

Ralph Leach 07776-303308

Wax Removal: Wax Removal
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