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Hearing Assessment / Hearing Test

A full hearing assessment is recommended if you have concerns about how well you are hearing.  We start with questions about your medical and hearing health, and the areas you find difficulty hearing in.

It includes a hearing test of your air and bone conduction (measures overall hearing ability plus inner ear hearing ability), and ear examination using the latest video otoscopy technology to show you the inside of your ears.  You can have a copy of your results on request.

It can take up to 1.5 or 2 hours (the questions/test/examination is an hour, the rest depends on how engaged you are and how much information you want).  We will discuss your concerns together,  your test results will be explained in detail, and you will be advised if hearing solutions would be appropriate and how they might help you.  I’ll outline a treatment plan and advise what I can do/provide to improve your hearing.   

Most customers wish to have a demonstration of hearing aids there and then, and if that is successful you may be offered the opportunity to take them home and trial them for a week (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply). 

With Hearing and Tinnitus Care, your hearing test is thorough and your tinnitus (if applicable) is considered right from the start. This means the package of care and devices recommended pay attention to both hearing and tinnitus rehabilitation.  No other provider locally takes this holistic view.  The popular “tinnitus habituation crash course” is included as standard for all my hearing aid customers.  When choosing who to start your hearing journey with, you have a lot of choice.  Free hearing tests are available, but thorough hearing assessments are invaluable.

Hearing Assessments: Welcome

Online Hearing Check

Provided by Widex

Widex is one of the manufacturers I work with.  They have an online hearing test that is free to use, without capturing your personal data.  I do not recommend any online test that requires your contact details. 

It will give you an indication of whether you have hearing loss, and how severe it might be.  You will still need a professional hearing assessment for detailed results and advice.

Hearing Assessments: Headliner
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