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Pay As You Go Services For Hearing Aid Users

Some customers have inherited or purchased aids online, or have a ‘store-only’ service and now need home-based care.  If the hearing aids are sufficient for your needs and you don’t need/want to change them, I can provide ad-hoc care.  Convenience of a home visit for NHS re-tubing is helpful for many of my local customers, especially those who do not wish to travel to a busy clinic during the pandemic.
This may include: 
* Ear examination.  If your GP is unable to provide in-person appointments, or you want to see if microsuction is required, I can offer an exam and referral if required, using video otoscopy to share your results.
* Thorough hearing assessment and explanation of your test results.
* Initial hearing test and fitting for inherited hearing aids.
* Re-test / Re-Assess your hearing 
* Assess your current hearing aid performance and your hearing ability in different situations.
* Re-programming and adjusting the settings of your hearing aids.
* Providing new ear moulds or custom receivers.
* Upgrading to more powerful receivers (if the aid is capable of producing more power).
* Repairing hearing aids and fitting replacement parts - this is often possible even when your original warranty has expired.
* Retube and clean/service of NHS Behind The Ear (BTE) aids.
There is no need to upgrade hearing aids that are still fit for purpose, although I can advise on the expected lifespan of your existing aids before you commit to spending on service/parts.  You will not be turned away just because you did not purchase from Hearing and Tinnitus Care originally.  All the above services can be provided for a flat fee on a Pay As You Go basis.  
If you are considering buying new, cheap aids from the internet and using my PAYG service, this is absolutely not a problem.  However, please consider the lifetime costs of servicing and updating because this generally turns out to be as expensive - if not more so - over the life of the aids.  For a small initial fee, I can advise you before your money is committed.
Contact me to discuss your requirements and I will provide a quotation to get you hearing the best you possibly can with your existing aids.

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