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Courtesy Aids - Keep On Hearing!

It is a sad fact that keeping electronic devices in a warm and moist environment such as your ear will eventually lead to them failing. Over the course of many years, especially if you have custom-made aids, you are likely to need a repair by the manufacturer.

For those of us who are dependent on our aids for work, tinnitus relief and enjoyment of our family/friends, it can be quite distressing to realise high street chains can take 20+ days end-to-end when you need a repair. Many of us might keep an old, out of date, pair of aids as backup, but it's not the same as the effortless hearing we are used to. Meetings, family events, big events can be spoiled by repairs.

My customers have access to Courtesy Aids, and it makes life that bit easier. I keep a spare pair of each brand of aids that I sell, so clients can be programmed up at the same time as they hand theirs over. There's no annual charge, simply a one-off fee if they want to borrow Courtesy Aids, and they will be able to keep them until their aids are ready to re-fit.

I can even do loan aids for people who aren't existing customers, if they are in a bind and not yet ready to purchase new aids. So there's no need to worry about how you will teach Maths/attend or deliver a seminar/hear the band you got tickets for.

Sometimes, a teenager will develop an ongoing sinus or Eustachian tube deficit. These can take months to resolve, leaving the teen unable to hear her teachers and friends. A temporary set of aids can be prescribed, giving top-of-the-range hearing performance while they get better.

There are all sorts of situations, including end-of-life care, where excellent hearing performance is required on a temporary basis. With Hearing and Tinnitus Care, the service is available to get you hearing again within a few days.

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