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Hearing Care & Hearing Aids

Hearing aids and hearing care are usually paid for and provided as a package.  You may have hearing aids recommended as part of your hearing assessment.  If you choose to purchase them, you receive audiological services / hearing care for the life of the aids.  This includes:
* Fitting appointment
* Follow up appointments after the fitting, as many as required to get the best results. 
* Future adjustments to hearing aids.
* Tinnitus consultation (if desired) and a personal plan of habituation and management
* Periodic retesting of hearing levels, and associated reprogramming of hearing aids.
* Loan aids (additional fees may apply) while yours are away for repair.
* Repairs to hearing aids.
* Maintenance accessories such as wax guards, domes, batteries.  These are available for home delivery or clinic collection.
* Advice on demand - you may develop new situations such as work meetings, a new telephone system.  If you develop additional needs I can provide advice and accessories to overcome new hurdles and keep you and your hearing aids in good working order.
Most hearing care appointments are carried out face to face, however if you prefer we can also talk by email, phone, text message or video call in order to give you the most convenient follow up care for your needs.
For working age customers, it is often possible to have site visits to assess e.g. telephone or meeting needs, or simply a convenient appointment during the working day without needing to leave work.

Hearing Aid
Hearing Care and Hearing Aids: Hearing Care & Hearing Aids
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