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New Phone - New Joy

I have had a lovely time this week with a customer, mainly spent grovelling behind an armoire finding a plug socket.

This customer contacted me because she could not manage on the phone anymore. She struggles so badly on her landline, and does not want to move to a mobile phone. An actual conversation on the phone just for the sake of talking to a friend is no longer possible.

I set her up with a new pair of hearing aids and a new cordless home phone. Once I had plugged it in, we set about learning how to use a cordless phone (green for go, red for no!). Then learning how to connect the aids to it (joke! Nothing to learn, they do it on their own!).

Then the moment of proof. I went out and called her. Bearing in mind it took five tries to explain who was calling before, this was amazing. It has to be an unexpected question to prove someone has heard you correctly. "Can you see any pigs, sheep or cows?".

"No sheep or cows. Hold on, I'll stand up. No pigs to report either, Sally". Such a difference to before, and my customer next called her brother, just to use it again.

It is really an honour to spend time with people who are willing and ready to work hard to improve their own lives. I know new tech and new ideas are difficult to get on with (as I get older I understand it very well!), but home visits give me opportunities to really get in and work on rehab.

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04 paź 2021

Very nice post


I do indeed! They are £225, and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Normally I would let you demo one but with a respiratory illness doing the rounds I have decided to stop that!


Hello Sally,

I was just wondering how much the new phones cost and if you sell them?

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