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I’m a Lipreader - Make It Known!

It can be awkward, when you're hard of hearing, to tell people they're not communicating as well as you need.

  • Sorry, I'm hard of hearing (what are we sorry for?)

  • Can you stop eating/covering your mouth/looking out of the window while you're talking? (hmmm)

  • I can't understand your accent (tricky)

  • Please stop mumbling and pronounce your words per the actual language you're attempting to speak (yes to your own teenager, more difficult with other people's)

  • I need to see your face while you talk, because I lipread

All these are difficult, but telling people you lipread is the best one, because people understand what you need them to do, without it being your fault or their fault.

In the case of conferences or parties, telling people over and again is tiresome. So thankfully, they make a badge for that. In the case of @HartifulUK they make a beautiful badge you would be pleased to wear.

I purchased mine via Etsy and you can too. If you're a hearing aid customer of mine and you're not an online shopper, I'll order it for you, just ask.

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