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Widex Sound Connect Review

The Widex Sound Connect is this cute little USB device here in the image. I've been trying it out with the Moment 440 Sheer RIC aids and it's small but perfectly formed.

If you already have a Sound Assist or Com Dex, you won't need one of these little fellas, but if you just need a clearer connection for your laptop sound, this is a convenient and reasonably priced option.


Pairing the Sound Connect to your aids is relatively simple - as simple as it could be anyway. Turn aids off and on, press the end of the Sound Connect and the lights will flash until it's paired. This does need doing every time it's used but it's fairly quick.

In my case, the computer recognised that it needed to send the sound to my aids immediately, I'm not sure if that will always be the case for everyone. Sometimes with these type of devices you have to go to the computer's speaker settings and "tell it" to use a device as the audio output.

Like I say, this was as simple as it can be, which is not to say effortless! One of the things I like about being an independent is that I have the time to help with things like setting up accessories and phones. So many of these things can end up in a drawer, unloved and unused, for want of a demonstration.

Sound quality is great, connection is stable, and it made my meeting quite a bit easier. As with all accessories, your mileage may vary. If you're hard of hearing, it depends on your hearing loss, your aids, the accent and the voice of the other person. But I think it's safe to say that if you're not catching everything when listening on your computer, this will improve your ability and make life a little easier.

Direct connections help (phone to aids, computer to aids, TV and even the archaic Loop) because the sound you hear isn't losing fidelity by either:

a) travelling over the air

b) being put out by speakers of dubious quality

c) both of the above!

Definitely a good investment for those who rely on the laptop for work meetings or online classes. In the case of watching videos etc where you can rewind them, it's maybe not so critical but it's rather nice to have.

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