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Guide: Pairing MFi Hearing Aids to iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you need Made For iPhone hearing aids, such as Widex Moment or Signia IX to get a solid connection. If you’ve got an Android, my commiserations. You can still connect a lot of hearing aids, but you can expect us to talk a lot about how it’s not as good as iPhone.

I digress. Here’s how to connect your lovely iPhone (great choice, by the way) to your fabulous hearing aids. Then you can enjoy the “binaural advantage” and hear the caller in both ears at once. It’s wonderful, and well worth the effort.

  1. Start with your hearing aids turned off, or sat in their charger.

  2. On the iPhone, open Settings (cog icon).

  3. Scroll to Accessibility and press on it.

  4. Scroll to Hearing Devices, press on it.

  5. You’ll see a section named “MFI Hearing Devices”. The phone will begin searching for compatible aids automatically.

  6. Turn your aids on, and put them close to the iPhone.

  7. Give the phone time to find both aids (max 2 minutes). You’ll receive a prompt for the first aid.

  8. Press on Pair, and you should receive a second prompt (for the second aid). Press Pair on this one too.

  9. If successful, you should now see both R and L next to the name of the hearing aids. You should see an approximate battery level for each aid, along with other useful controls such as volume.

Hopefully this was successful for you. If not, get in touch with me.

PS: If you’re reading this and you’re not my customer, I’m sure your audiologist will be happy to assist you with learning to pair your phone. If they aren’t - it’s time to find a new audiologist!

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