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Corporate & Social Responsibility Statement

It is the policy of Hearing and Tinnitus Care to:

Support other local businesses where at all possible, including Brighouse or Huddersfield independent suppliers for print, advertising, cleaning supplies, accounting and advisory services.

Support local good causes where possible, including local hospice and community sporting providers through sponsorship.

Support the people of Brighouse, Huddersfield and Halifax in a non-profit capacity via provision of a tinnitus support group, advice services and occasional pro-bono audiological work. To request a speaker for your care home, church or community group, please contact Sally via the contact methods on the

Promote good hearing health for all, regardless of affordability, by signposting service users to NHS services where applicable.

Recycle, reuse and avoid waste wherever possible. This is achieved though sterilisation of equipment and shredding/composting of paper waste.

Support the next generation of audiologists through free advice and training. Promote cross sector knowledge sharing by welcoming enquiries from NHS Audiology colleagues.

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