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Can Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus?

Read my latest article for the Grapevine magazine, updating you on the latest research showing how hearing aids reduce tinnitus distress and promote habituation in both the short and long term.

Hearing and Tinnitus Care will shortly be launching a Tinnitus Support Package. This is designed to combine:

  • A personal tinnitus consultation

  • Discreet noise-generating devices with additional introduction to gradual amplification

This is designed for those with persistent tinnitus distress who have mild

/moderate hearing loss and are not yet ready to wear hearing aids full time. More information will be available soon, with full details of the package. Meanwhile, you can still book a Tinnitus Consultation (aka the Tinnitus Habituation Crash Course), with the option to purchase the Tinnitus Package when it becomes available this autumn. Your tinnitus consultation fee will be reimbursed against the cost of the Tinnitus Package. This also applies to customers who have purchased the Tinnitus Consultation in the last 12 months.

Contact Sally@HearingandTinnitus if you wish to be notified when the Tinnitus Package launches.

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