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Tinnitus Support Group

Although the face to face group in Brighouse is no longer running, I have a Facebook group with 450+ members and counting!

This is the link to the group, and you will need to have or create a Facebook account in order to join. Posts are restricted to members only, I moderate the group to ensure there are no false adverts. I also contribute when people request information that I can help with.

If you are creating an account on Facebook for this purpose, be sure to set your privacy controls carefully, selecting the "posts only visible to my Friends" option.

We welcome supportive people who contribute to the group, but you don't have to be vocal, you can simply take it in. Be aware that if you post treatments that have not been proven to be safe and effective, you may be gently challenged to ensure other people do not put themselves in danger. There are people in the group who are in distress, who may be desperate enough to try any remedy someone recommends. Sadly there are people and companies out there who take advantage of this to promote their unproven products.

There are dangers associated with taking medications which are available online but may interact badly with drugs you have been prescribed. Another issue is people taking larger than recommended/safe doses of regular medications or natural supplements. Conversations about these medicines are monitored to ensure members are aware of the dangers.

Currently there are no cures for tinnitus directly, but indirectly there are supplements that can help with relaxation. Relaxation is important as stress and anxiety are almost universal triggers (something that increases or causes a rise in tinnitus perception), It is important to be sensible, as there are reliable reports of - for example - people turning themselves orange through taking too much turmeric!

Support groups are valuable as not everyone knows someone with tinnitus. It can feel like you are the only person with this invisible condition, whereas the reality is that a significant percentage of people have tinnitus, they just don't tell anyone. In particular, those who are well habituated to their tinnitus don't have a need to announce it to anyone! "I have tinnitus but it's absolutely fine because I did X, Y and Z to combat it" just isn't something that people say to sufferers! I try to be vocal about the fact I have tinnitus but use strategies which mean I don't suffer from it.

Join the group if you are suffering with your tinnitus, because there are millions of others with this condition, you do not need to feel alone with it.

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