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Wind Noise in Hearing Aids

Wind noise causes distortion in hearing aids, which is why you see big, fluffy covers on mics in news reports. A fluffy cover over your hearing aid would likely solve the problem, but aesthetically it's not great. So what do we do?

High-end hearing aids have a wind noise algorithm, which 'subtracts' the distortion and leaves the wanted sounds behind. Depending on your manufacturer and model, this can work quite well or not particularly great. I work with a fantastic manufacturer who have been leading the way in wind noise distortion for many years, but most of the big names are now catching up.

If you aren't blessed with the most advanced hearing aids on the market, you can ask your audiologist to create a 'dull' program for you. This means you can continue to wear the hearing aids, but with the high frequency (pitch) sound turned down. Simply press a button to switch to the program before you set out on that bike ride or golf game, and everything will be a bit less irritating!

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