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Tinnitus Therapies

I have had a great meeting today with Lisa Caldwell at The Hearing Coach ( Lisa has trained as a Mindfulness coach with specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) elements, and gives courses for those wanting to explore these therapies to overcome the impact of tinnitus, hyperacusis and misophonia.

I am a firm believer that these psychological techniques can be very useful for sufferers of chronic tinnitus, people who are negatively impacted and struggle to come to terms with losing silence. While audiologists can correct hearing loss, provide sound rehabilitation & enrichment and support their customers, it has become obvious through anecdotal experience and research that long term tinnitus suffering is often very much a psychological issue. Psychology has contributed so much to this field and the most promising results in tinnitus are coming from techniques originating in and perfected by psychologists.

Lisa has a natural empathy in this field, being a hearing loss and tinnitus sufferer herself, and has a genuine desire to help people. She offers a money back guarantee for her group and 1:1 sessions, and offers online courses.

I always recommend a GP visit and/or hearing assessment to anyone who has developed tinnitus and does not yet know the cause.

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