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New Clinical Option for Tinnitus Sufferers

I've been doing a lot of work on tinnitus the last couple of we

eks. With the help of the good people of Brighouse, I have been developing a Tinnitus Assessment appointment structure. In the main, it's a knowledge transfer. It is everything I know about tinnitus. It is how people who successfully cope with tinnitus manage it, and the pschological reasons why some suffer and some habituate (get used to) successfully, so that you can avoid falling into the traps that others have.

The Tinnitus Assessment is an up-to-2-hour appointment priced at £145 (July 2020), which will:

* Explain that although there is no "cure" for tinnitus, there is so very much that you can do to help yourself not be bothered by it.

* Establish the likely cause of your tinnitus and/or rule out causes that require medical intervention/investigation.

* Discuss your experiences of tinnitus over the years and the triggers/helpful things you have found.

* Explain to you exactly what tinnitus is, and why it occurs, why it is not harmful and why it gets better/worse at different times.

* Piece by piece, explain each technique for helping yourself make tinnitus quieter and what the basis for these techniques are. This includes techniques that aren't mainstream, but are a way of fighting the body's own biological responses to tinnitus**

* Discussion on mainstream treatment plans (e.g. mindfulness) and why they may or may not work for you, so you can evaluate them yourself before spending money on them.

* Discussion on myths of tinnitus, and have a chat about any geegaws or 'cures' that you might have heard of.

This is written in collaboration with my husband, Dr James Jackson (James is a PhD, not a medical doctor); he is an academic biological psychologist whose research area is tinnitus.

This assessment is still far from polished in delivery and it is apparent that it requires some engagement from the participant. It is therefore going to run at a reduced price until I have worked out how to deliver it smoothly! Please contact me for more information.

NB: the Tinnitus Assessment was not developed as a money-making venture. It came about because often people just want to talk about their tinnitus with a professional, even if they don't have hearing loss. This gives 2 hours of dedicated attention to the problem, and with the aid of handouts and 'aide memoirs' should be a one-off appointment.

**Stay in touch with my website, blog and Facebook page to see more info on successfully tackling tinnitus.

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