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Spen Valley Hearing Care Closure - Happy Retirement David Smith!

David Smith is closing the doors at, Spen Valley Hearing Care - it's the end of an era! David has put in many years of wonderful care, and he took care of my own grandmother when she went private for hearing. He was a hit with his caring nature and honesty, he's been my role model in Audiology and I have tried hard to emulate his 'bedside manner' in my own practice. A well-deserved retirement awaits you David!

As the practice is closing, David has asked me to take on his patients who are in my area (Brighouse, parts of Halifax/Huddersfield/Cleckheaton). As patients buy service along with their aids, the aim is to transition them across fairly.

I am therefore offering 2 free appointments to David's hearing aid customers, which will likely see them to the end of their current hearing aids' lifespans. Parts and other charges from the manufacturer will need to be paid for (as is the case for everyone), but my clinic time will be free if you are currently wearing David's aids and he has passed on my details. My clinic is in Brighouse, at Bridge End. I offer home visits for those who are unable to travel.

After these appointments have been taken, the patients are very welcome to stay with me if they like the service, and move on to my "Pay As You Go" service. If new hearing aids are needed in the years to come, I am happy to advise them on the new options available (quite exciting changes have been happening in the last 3 years!), and arrange a trial of aids they are interested in. This is not expected/needed though, and I can keep on servicing existing aids for as long as customers think it is economically viable. Very happy to give my honest opinion on when that time will come, but as a rule of thumb:

5 Years - you will probably want to upgrade

7-8 Years - you will probably need to upgrade

David and I have spoken, and I have contracts with the same manufacturers, so transition will be smooth. I look forward to meeting you all.


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