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Introducing the Smallest ever rechargeable RIC hearing aid

WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids offer the most natural sound ever heard in a hearing aid in the smallest rechargeable RIC model ever – the WIDEX MOMENT™ mRIC RD!

Widex is a hearing aid manufacturer which has a great reputation in the industry for producing hearing aids with the purest, most natural sound, and in fact, it is often said that a Widex wearer will never use any other brand of hearing aid, as the sound will never quite compare. Widex hearing aids come into their own when faced with difficult listening situations such as wind noise or where speech can be particularly difficult.

Widex’ newest hearing aid to be released is WIDEX MOMENT™ which, astonishingly, provides a hearing experience so natural, it doesn’t sound like a hearing aid. Experienced hearing aid wearers will be all too familiar with the ‘hearing aid sound’ – the tinny, artificial, slightly distorted sound you get when you wear your hearing aids, which you get used to over time, but never really feels like a natural hearing experience. WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids feature PureSound™ technology which eradicates the processing delay which causes that distorted sound, so you can hear every moment clearly and naturally. Pretty good eh?

The other really exciting thing about the WIDEX MOMENT™ range is that it features the smallest ever rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid, which means you can get all the Moment platform has to offer in a super discreet design, without the hassle of fiddly batteries.

The WIDEX MOMENT™ mRIC R D is a sleek, discreet little device which packs a punch, with up to 20 hours use from a 4-hour charge, or 16 hours with streaming – that’s very good going for such a small device. There is also a 30-minute quick charge option which offers 4 hours use if you need an emergency boost.

The WIDEX MOMENT mRIC R D is easy to charge using the slim and simple charger, and you can enjoy direct streaming of music, TV or conversations from iOS or DEX via the WIDEX MOMENT™ app. It’s also prepared for future connections with Android.

Another really interesting feature of the Widex Moment™ hearing aids which is worth mentioning is their SoundSense Learn technology which uses Artificial Intelligence (another world first from Widex!) to allow you to personalise your hearing experience in the moment, through a smartphone app, to find the perfect sound for you in every environment. This incredibly complex technology has been made simple for users by simply offering you a choice of two sound settings within the app, which you have to decide which you prefer, this is then done multiple times (up to 20) until you find the sound perfect for you in the environment you are in. With each choice you make the app is learning from your choices to find the best combination of settings for you for your perfect sound, from millions of possible scenarios. So, you get personalised hearing which gets even better over time.

If you would like to learn more about the WIDEX MOMENT™ range please get in touch or visit their website

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