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Measles, mumps and hearing loss...

Another day, another customer with a very fast deterioration in their hearing ability. This one was single sided and moderate but it can be both ears and it can be severe. If your hearing drops over a period of hours or days, you need urgent medical attention. If you can get in to see an audiologist the same day, great, they can assess you. If not, see the GP or ring round til you find an aud who has a slot that day. Please never assume it’s wax, because if it’s a viral loss it will be irreversible if you leave it longer than a few days, and every day counts.

Today’s patient had left it over a month, and there is nothing that can be done except treat the loss. Previous customers have been seen same day, sent to A&E, and made a decent recovery with steroid treatment. And I thank one of them for returning to me with Ferrero Rocher- how did you know?! :-)

I expect with measles and mumps making a comeback we will see this a lot more in the coming years. The fallout of Dr Wakefield‘s debunked research (kids born in the late 90’s onwards) are going to university, and catching all manner of viruses. Hearing loss at 55+ is the most natural thing in the world, but I sure hate seeing it in the young, especially when it’s avoidable.

On that note, please remember that if you or your child has not had the MMR jab, or have not had both doses, you can get catch up treatment for free on the NHS. See your GP to request it.

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