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How can too much earwax cause conductive hearing loss?

Conductive hearing loss is caused by a problem with the mechanics of the hearing system i.e. the canal, eardrum, middle ear bones, middle ear space and Eustachian tube. Inner ear hearing loss, on the other hand, is a permanent loss caused by damage to the cochlea and/or nerve signals to the brain.

Earwax build up can block the ear canal completely, preventing sound from getting through. It can also stick to the eardrum and prevent it from being as flexible as it needs to be to transmit sound efficiently.

If your hearing worsens suddenly, seek an urgent nurse, audiologist or doctor ‘s examination to be sure that it is indeed wax that’s causing the issue. In rare cases people can acquire sudden hearing loss that they attribute to wax, only to find that is a different cause (e.g. Coronavirus) and could have been treated with steroids and the impact reduced if it had been found sooner.

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