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Are you getting the most out of your hearing aids?

Busy audiologists can sometimes neglect to tell you about the features of your hearing aids, but since we are all paying the price of new technology whether we make use of it or not, it makes sense to be using the features available.

If you have purchased hearing aids in the last few years, for instance, they may be able to connect to your phone directly. There may be an app that allows you to control them (particularly useful with more basic aids), or a tinnitus-relaxer function that can provide background noise.

It is important to discuss your problems with your audiologist. Hopefully they will be asking at your assessment and each retest if you are happy with your hearing ability in all situations. I ask probing questions not to deliberately extend appointments, but to ensure I am taking into account every situation where modern aids could help. I am very content with teaching people how to use their functions, and I’m pleased that all but two of my customers are happily using their phone connections after a spot of light tuition!

So if you are struggling on the phone, with tinnitus, or in meetings at work, tell your audiologist and ask if there is something that can help. Don’t let them assume that things are fine. It may be that there is nothing that can be done, but technology is moving so quickly that it pays to spend time investigating at each retest.

And if your audiologist doesn’t make time to help you with the things that matter, it’s time to find a new one who will do so! When we purchase aids we also purchase *personal service* for the next 5 years (or more!), and you should expect the same excellent level of care in each year as you get at the point of buying the aids.

Likewise if you change your mobile phone, it’s worth a quick text or call to your audiologist to check before you buy. Will this phone be a good choice with my hearing aids, or my next set of hearing aids? We can check compatibility without seeing you and advise if the phone will limit your hearing choices. All my customers know I am only a text, email or call away. If your audiologist makes it difficult to ask a question, they are not giving the best service you can get.

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