Hearing Care The Way It Should Be

Welcome to Hearing and Tinnitus Care, an independent hearing care company with a clinic in central Brighouse, West Yorkshire.  Hearing and Tinnitus Care is owned and operated by a qualified, experienced, registered audiologist / hearing aid dispenser, Sally Jackson. 

My home visit service covers roughly 7 miles from the centre of Brighouse, into Bailiff Bridge, Hipperholme, Queensbury, Halifax, Fixby, Huddersfield, Clifton, Cleckheaton etc.  Out-of-area services may be provided at an additional charge, enquire for details.

This is a unique Hearing Care company, created and run by someone with years of experience of being a hearing aid end user and tinnitus sufferer.  I specialise in hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing assessments, hearing checks, hearing care, hearing rehabilitation, tinnitus consultations & tinnitus habituation.

Whether you are just starting to have concerns about your hearing or are an experienced hearing aid user who is unenthused with their current provider, anyone can benefit from one-to-one hearing care. An independent provider can give you the time and energy you deserve, along with access to the whole range of hearing aids and hearing solutions.  If a manufacturer is not provided by me, there is a very good reason behind that.  All good hearing aid manufacturers are supplied.

If you are fed up with having appointments rearranged at short notice, having to navigate a call centre or automated dialling options, a limited range of hearing aids or seeing a different audiologist every time, an independent provider is what you need.  We are not all created equally, and I’m proud to be offering something different.

There are a lot of hearing solutions out there - hearing aids in all shapes and sizes with pros and cons attached to each option.  I will guide you through the process of your hearing test, explanation of your test results, discussion of the impact hearing loss is having on you, and the many ways it can be helped.

If you are fed up with feeling like you’re dealing with salespeople, and feel you would benefit from: 

·        A high standard of clinical care.

·        A dispenser who has been through hearing loss, tinnitus, adapting to amplification and has tested every brand of hearing aids herself.

·        Honest advice and clear pricing.

​Then you will be in very good hands with Hearing and Tinnitus Care.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Looking for a Hearing Care Provider


How Does Your Service Differ?

My service targets are based on my experience of what is important to hearing impaired people, and my experience of what goes wrong in chain hearing care companies.  I therefore have a 24-48 hour target for repairing broken or faulty aids.   I operate a loan aid service.  I prioritise  existing customers instead of new tests in my diary.  I answer all calls and emails myself so you have qualified advice at all times. Some companies appear to be local (usually in an opticians) but are in fact run by national companies, whereas I have an incomparably responsive, fast mobile service.

Are You More Expensive?

I can be more expensive than a chain store, mainly because I offer amazing hearing aid brands that you cannot buy on the high street.  I run a service that really is incomparably fast, good, consistent and convenient.  While chains try to minimise your “chair time” with them, I offer appointment slots that are long enough to fix the issue first time.  I advise the best hearing aids options for longevity - you’ll be informed if the custom made option has a lower maximum power / shorter lifespan than the receiver in canal, for instance.I avoid selling very basic, older aids at an attention-grabbing low price, many of which are poorer than NHS aids.  Every customer of mine therefore gets brand new technology and high quality service to maximise the life of their hearing aids, which leads to much better value for money overall.

I already have hearing aids.  Can I still use your service?

Yes!  I offer a Pay As You Go service to people who are happy with their aids but need repair, re-test, re-program or any other assistance their old audiologist would have given them.  Contact me with details of what you need and we’ll get you sorted.

I have tinnitus but don’t want hearing aids.  Can you help me?

Absolutely.  I specialise in tinnitus support and habituation (learning to live with tinnitus without being negatively affected by it).  You can purchase this service without needing to buy hearing aids.  See the Tinnitus page for more details.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Appointments by special request only 12:00 - 2:00pm