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Whether you are just starting to have concerns about your hearing, or are an experienced hearing aid user who wants to try a different provider, anyone can benefit from one-to-one hearing care.  Individual, dedicated care is only available from an independent provider.    

If you are fed up with waiting lists, having appointments cancelled at short notice, or seeing a different audiologist every time, an independent provider is what you need.  There are a lot of hearing solutions out there and I can guide you through the process of your hearing test, explanation of your test results, discussion of the impact hearing loss is having on you, and the possible ways it can be helped.

If you are fed up with salespeople, and would benefit from: 

  • a clinical and end-user viewpoint

  • a dispenser who has been through hearing loss and adapting to amplification herself

then you will be in very good hands!

If you are here because you are concerned about a loved one, I am more than happy to offer advice on whether I think there is a problem, and how to approach the issue.


Services We Offer

Hearing Assessment 

A full hearing assessment is recommended if you have concerns about how well you are hearing.  It includes a hearing test and ear examination, and will take up to 1.5 hours.  We will discuss your concerns together,  your test results will be explained in detail, and you will be advised if hearing solutions would be appropriate and how they might help you.  There will be questions about your lifestyle and situations where you currently have problems, such as with TV, in restaurants or on the phone.         
You may be offered a demonstration of hearing aids if appropriate. If the demonstration shows that hearing aids are beneficial and you want to find out more, I will also outline a treatment plan and recommendations for hearing solutions.       

Hearing Care

Hearing Care is the ongoing service you receive after your test and consultation.  If you require hearing aids, the cost of hearing care is included in the price of the hearing aids as a package.  This includes fitting, adjustment, advice and rehabilitation, tinnitus assessment (if desired) and management, periodic retesting of hearing levels, reprogramming, repairs and any other advice you may need to get you started and keep you and your hearing aids in good working order!  Most hearing care is carried out face to face, however if you prefer we can also talk by email, phone or text message in order to give you the most convenient follow up care for your needs.  For first time wearers, face to face care is recommended for all appointments.

Pay As You Go Service for Existing Aids

Some customers have inherited or purchased aids online, or have a ‘store-only’ service and now need home-based care.  If the hearing aids are sufficient for your needs and you don’t need/want to change them, we can provide ad-hoc care.  This may include: retesting your hearing; reprogramming/adjusting the aids; providing new ear moulds or repairing aids.  These services can be provided for a flat fee on a Pay As You Go basis.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Tinnitus Consultation

Tinnitus can be distressing and can lead to anxiety and depression among sufferers.  One in ten people suffer from tinnitus and of those, 20% have normal hearing.  If you have no concerns about your hearing but would like to get help with your tinnitus, ask about our tinnitus consultation.  This includes a hearing test (to rule out clinical causes), but focuses solely on tinnitus and its impact.  You will find out how the tinnitus signal comes about/loudens/quietens from an audiological and psychological perspective.  You will learn management techniques that build on your new knowledge of how tinnitus works.  You will learn how to evaluate tinnitus 'treatments' without paying for them, and will take information home to refer to whenever you need.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

TRT is a therapy based on using ear level devices to play sound into the ears and distract you from your tinnitus.  Although some of the principles involved have good reasoning behind them, the evidence suggests that TRT in and of itself does nothing to improve how people feel about their tinnitus in the short or long term.  I do not recommend or offer TRT, and I do not sell products which claim to help or cure, instead I offer a one-off tinnitus consultation which will give you the tools you need to understand and manage your tinnitus.  Follow up care can be arranged on a case by case basis, but for most people one consultation covers everything you need to deal with tinnitus effectively.


I offer fast appointments for your clients at my Brighouse clinic or their home location, and a quick turnaround on reports.  Hearing assessments and hearing loss/tinnitus diagnoses plus rehabilitation recommendations are available.  Pricing is on application depending on the length and detail of the report required, but for information a standard assessment and report is priced at £99.

Microsuction Wax Removal

I recommend the microsuction technique as it is the safest and quickest way to get wax completely removed.  This is not a service I offer myself, but I recommend Pennine Ear Care locally, and have had many happy customers looked after there.  The contact is Ralph Leach MSHAA - a fully qualified provider in Kirkheaton, Huddersfield.  The website is www.pennineearcare.co.uk.  Please contact Ralph directly for appointments/info.



Choose the contact method which is easiest for you.  Text messages to the mobile number below are welcome, as are emails.

You can also connect via social media such as Facebook messaging.  

I may be in an appointment when you call, so please leave a message with your name and number and I will phone you back as soon as possible.

Within Dermace Academy, 20 West Park Street, Brighouse, HD6 1DU.  Please request a home visit if you have problems with managing stairs.
Closest car park is Bethel Street car park.  There is also a large car park on Parsonage Lane.

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Choosing a Truly Independent Audiologist Means Maximum Choice

I work with all reputable manufacturers in order to provide maximum choice for customers.
If you already have a favourite brand, I can certainly supply that for you, however please keep an open mind during your consultation as what is ‘the best’ varies by person, loss level and lifestyle.  Having been hearing impaired for a long time myself, I test new hearing aids to be confident in my recommendations and ensure they live up to manufacturers’ claims.


Hearing Aids and Accessories from All Manufacturers 

I offer hearing aids and wireless accessories from all reputable manufacturers.  
Unlike high street hearing care providers - who often have affiliations with certain manufacturers which narrows your choice or colours their view - I am completely independent.  This means that I can truly recommend the very best devices for you.  

Not all hearing aids are created equally; some are better than others in noise, in wind, for beginners, for music, for mobile phones, for use with landlines.  A more basic technology level aid might be fine in the home, but in a coffee shop it would create an unintelligible mess of sound - you may already have experienced this yourself if you have NHS aids.  If you cycle or walk in all weathers, you may need the hearing aid that’s best in class for wind management.  
I ask the right questions from the start, so that I can offer the right products for all your requirements, wherever you go.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Appointments by request 12:00 - 2:00pm




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01484 712281 / 07584 176792

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