Case Studies

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Dinah - Phonak B90 Superpower BTE User in Brighouse

Dinah has minimal hearing ability (what is known as a 'left corner' audiogram) and already had high performance private hearing aids.  We took her from a superpower Behind The Ear (BTE) aid to a neat Widex Evoke 440 Receiver in Canal (RIC).  This build required a high power custom modular tip, which is resistant to discolouration and takes up a fraction of the space of the old earmould.  Dinah is happy because a BTE sounds brash and noisy compared to a RIC, due to resonance caused by the physics of a tube.  She now enjoys a refined sound and tiny aids, along with much better wind noise management.

Case Study 1.jpg

James - NHS Aid User in Brighouse

James has a severe, flat sensorineural loss from measles as a child.  He has gone from NHS Oticon Spirit Zest + aids with custom earmoulds and standard tube, to a Widex Moment 440 Receiver in Canal aid with replaceable soft domes.  

James is delighted to be rid of his discoloured moulds and thick tubing, which made him feel self conscious as it was visible from the front and side.  The dome disappears inside the ear, leaving only an invisible wire at the front of the ear.  In addition to that, he now owns the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market, and can do away with batteries.