Sanitising and Shredding

Ever wondered if it’s safe to use demo aids? Well maybe it wasn’t top of your list today, but it is indeed safe. I bag them, remove replaceable parts (domes/wax guards) and dispose of them, clean them with alcohol and then bake them in this little beauty for 4 hours. It sanitises them all over by bathing them in UV light, and also heats/dries them out. It’s also got a lovely blue glow to it.

Super duper dry box!

This is what I’ve been up to today. Sanitising. Also, in case you wondered what happens to confidential waste here at Hearing and Tinnitus Care, it gets shredded and composted. We are currently turning March-May’s customer sensitive data into Brussels Sprouts :-)

Not just Green, it’s a purple (sprout) company

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