Reopening of Brighouse Clinic

Delighted to announce that I am once again taking bookings for my Brighouse clinic. The premises reopen in 2 weeks, and currently there is availability on 28 July and 7 August but obviously this is subject to change dependent on popularity!

The Clinic runs from within Dermace Aesthetics Training Academy, on West Park Street in Brighouse town centre. Bethel Street car park is closest and there is also 1.5 hours free parking at Sainsbury’s.

Please be assured that every possible measure is being taken to assure your safety. The team at Dermace have put excellent provisions in place, and my own regulator has provided guidelines to protect you.

If you are concerned about COVID 19, please contact me to discuss your options (including home visits and remote care). We can assess together by phone or email if I am likely to be able to help you without even meeting, so there is no need to put off dealing with your hearing!

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