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Remote Hearing Care

Personal Protective Equipment is being used for home visit appointments.  In addition to hand gel, hand washing and maintaining 2m+ distance during your appointment, a face mask and gloves will be used for essential clinical “close up” work, such as otoscopy (ear examination) and placement of headphones for hearing tests.  In certain high-risk customers, I will also be isolating for 8 days ahead of the appointment. Remote hearing care is now possible, depending on the type of hearing aids chosen.  Remote care is where the customer has a device at home that allows me to connect to and make follow-up adjustments to their hearing aids without visiting them again.

So in extremely high-risk cases, I am able to isolate for 8 days, then attend once to: test hearing, discuss the results and advise suitable aids for customer’s lifestyle and hearing needs.  I then set up the demonstration hearing aids so you can use them (you may wish to have a longer trial at home - this is possible).  If you decide to purchase, I am able to program the new aids to the settings I obtained during the demonstration, and deliver them contact-free along with the remote care equipment.  After a few days, we then have a follow up by phone, text or email, making adjustments where needed via the remote care device. It is possible therefore to reduce almost all risk, and physically visit the customer only once while still providing a full, high quality service.  When the coronavirus risk and government advice is freer, we can then return to normal in-person visits. OFFER: Remote care equipment is usually priced at £150, however if you require it due to being high-risk medically, I will provide it free of charge.  Please quote code REMOTEBLOG when enquiring if you wish to take up this offer, which expires on 31 August 2020.  Remote care is also helpful for busy customers who find it difficult to attend scheduled appointments. I am more than happy to discuss your individual needs and reassure you as to how I will manage your health risks during your hearing assessment.  There is no obligation to purchase hearing aids, and the free equipment promotion does not impact on your 30-day money back guarantee or any other benefits I provide.  Please email me using or phone/text me on 07584 176792 to discuss your needs.

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