Pay As You Go Audiology

Did you know that Hearing and Tinnitus Care offers Pay As You Go services? I do! Why might you need PAYG Audiology?

* You might have moved to the area recently and had to leave your own audiologist behind.

* You might have an urgent problem and can’t get an appointment before that wedding, interview or community meeting.

* You might need loan hearing aids while yours are broken.

* Your local branch of high street chain audiologists might have shut down, or you now need home care that the company doesn’t offer.

* You may have purchased hearing aids from eBay or been offered a family member’s old pair and need them to be programmed correctly for you. You may want a hearing test and advice so you can purchase aids from eBay or online supplier.

* You may want a tinnitus-specific consultation, to find out everything there is to know about your hearing, your tinnitus and what you can do to help yourself adjust to it and manage it effectively.

* You may want an on-site workplace assessment and written report on the technology and support you require for work, so your employer can purchase equipment to help you hear effectively in meetings or on the phone. I offer a money back guarantee on workplace equipment to ensure it is effective for the problem.

* You might want custom noise protection or musician’s hearing protection.

* You might want a second opinion on your hearing loss, or to trial a new brand of hearing aids before you settle for the limited choice upgrades your high street audiologist is offering.

I currently support: Resound, Widex, Starkey, Bernafon, Unitron and Phonak. If you have a brand not mentioned here I may still be able to help. Call, text, email or message me for advice.

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