Office Location Announcement...

I am pleased to say that I have reached an agreement with Rich Fletcher of Dermace on West Park Street in Brighouse.

Dermace have beautiful, well-lit, comfortable clinic rooms, and I will be working from there one day a week initially. The rest of

the week I will be mobile. So from 6 April you will have the option to be seen at home or at my clinic.

On arrival at Dermace you will be booked in and seated, and I will come to collect you for your appointment. Anyone with mobility problems should ideally opt for a home visit, as we have not yet worked on the new downstairs rooms. But most important is... bathroom facilities are available! A huge thanks to Rich and the team for welcoming me aboard, I really look forward to working alongside you all.

Please note that booking and advice is via my own contact details. Currently Dermace do not have access to my diary to book for me.

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