New! Easy on the Wallet, but Great in Background Noise!

I am delighted to introduce my Essentials Range of hearing aids. I have been busy testing these hearing aids from Unitron, and checking out all the different techy bits about them.

Carrying the latest Unitron line allows me to deliver a hearing aids which have all the features you could need at a vastly reduced cost. This range starts at £2390 a pair, which includes the same amazingly dedicated service (for the life of the aids) as with all my other products.

If you are looking for something that: works in background noise far better than your NHS aids, is smaller and more discreet, comes in rechargeable options, can be made to fit inside the ear, connects directly to your mobile phone - they can do all of that!

Audiologists don't expect you to know the difference between hearing aid brands, but there are different brands like Ford and BMW for cars, and it is good to know what you are paying for. In the same way that cars have different 'trim levels' for their models, hearing aids have advancement levels within theirs. So Widex have the 110, 220, 330 and 440. Unitron have 3, 5, 7, 9 which are roughly corresponding to other manufacturers' levels. As the numbers get higher, the aids can do vastly more than an NHS aid, primarily meaning you can hear better in background noise. So a really advanced essential range aid is way better than an NHS aid, very much so, but won't quite perform in those conditions as well as the same advancement level of the best brand in the world.

Premium brands take the features that aids have, such as noise reduction or phoneme enhancement, and revise them over and again to get every ounce of improvement possible. Whether you will make the best of that premium feature is dependent on you and your lifestyle. If you only meet with friends once a month, but want to be able to cope with the noise in the cafe, this new range will be a lifesaver, enabling you to visit homes and businesses where there is noise, giving you confidence to converse. If you are still in work and have young children, or poor residual hearing, you will get every penny's worth out of the top model of the premium brand, and it will be ultimately the best investment for you.

To summarise though, Unitron brings all of the features of premium aids in a wallet-friendly package, meaning that more people can access private hearing aids and great hearing care service.

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