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New COVID 19 Guidelines - Expansion of Services


Some good news: we audiologists are now able (read: our insurance will cover us) to perform services “where there is audiological need”, not just those who are experiencing specific clinical problems or are completely scuppered (due to lost aids etc).

Essentially it means I can now see anyone, including first timers, to assess their hearing and provide hearing aids and care to them.

I am delighted by this, and would like to assure you that I am up to date on clinical guidelines and risk-assessing individuals remotely before taking on customers. I am still conducting home visits only, as my clinic is currently shut down.


If you wish to discuss your hearing concerns, and would like advice or information, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you, and if we discuss the risks and you are not comfortable with them as they stand, you will not be pressed to continue. This goes for every aspect of my practice - there will never be any pressure. You may have heard horror stories of salesmen coming to a friend’s home and talking them into a purchase - this is not something anyone has to ever worry about with me. I will always point you in the right direction for *you*, be it the NHS, waiting if appropriate, or explaining solutions and leaving information for you to discuss with family/friends.


I am very keen to ensure people have the right tools to make their lockdown more pleasant, and have some great products to enable easy phone and video chat via directly connected hearing aids, specialist phones and laptop connections. I can help you choose, help you set up the devices and pair them, and do a test run. I offer full follow-up support, there are not going to be any white elephants gathering dust for my customers!

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