Expanded Range!

I am delighted to announce a new partnership with GN Resound, adding their latest hearing aid, the Linx Quattro to my range. I recall getting my brand new Linx 9 hearing aids when I started at university. Having been using NHS Oticon Spirit up until then, the Linx 9 (top of the range in tech terms) was a phenomenal difference, and I was lucky enough to have them funded by the uni as I needed extra help hearing in lectures.

Suddenly going from basic aids to high tech private aids was a real game-changer for me. Previously I had been struggling to keep up in lectures, and was embarrassed by mishearing the other students (high pitched young women talking about unfamiliar topics). Trying to make friends over coffee in the canteen was a nightmare, I already had a big age difference, and my hearing loss made me feel so out of touch. With the Resound Linx 9 I found I could actually keep up with the conversation, and was not as exhausted at the end of a day’s lectures.

My own home and social life got a real shot in the arm, too. My husband is severely hard of hearing himself, and quite patient, but it was so great to be able to go out to dinner with him (as a student, it was mainly 2 for £10 pub grub!) without him having to repeat himself ad infinitem.

So I have a soft spot for GN Resound and am looking forward to testing out their latest model, the Linx Quattro 9. My sister wears a recent GN Resound set and when she upgraded I noticed a big difference in her ability to hear at the Chinese restaurant we visit. She was picking up what the server said first time round, even with a softly spoken Chinese accent. Impressive.

With a family comprising 95% hard of hearing relatives, we always give the best seat (back to a corner!) to the person with the worst hearing. As we all change, our hearing loss advances and our hearing aids change, this person is not always the same one. So my sister was no longer in the prime seat, and no longer entitled to Shotgun seat in the car either.

If you’ve never had private aids, I really really want to show them to you. It‘s difficult to put into words what an amazing difference they make to your life, in all aspects: home, work, social, hobbies. They are worth every penny, and it’s worth getting it right. GN Resound may not be the perfect ones for you, but I have a massive range now and will help you get the best ones for you.

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