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Coronavirus Advice

Hearing and Tinnitus Care will be opening on 6 April as planned. I have taken in the latest advice for healthcare professionals regarding both the young, the at risk, and the elderly.

I will be:

Lengthening appointment times to allow for extra infection control measures.

Offering the option of home visits or clinic visits assuming the clinic space is still available to rent.

The advice, apart from ensuring good hygiene is strictly observed, and in some cases enhanced, is that unless the patient (or me) has been isolated due to own or family illness, visits can go ahead with proper hygiene measures in place. I am well prepared for these.

Medical/healthcare appointments are among the reasons people are still recommended/allowed to have contact, should they wish, and in times of increasing isolation, your hearing ability in person, on the phone, with TV and radio, is most important.

Of course, people may wish to cancel or postpone their appointments, which is understandable. But I would like everyone to know that everything is prepared to keep you safe during this crisis.

All customers will be contacted prior to their appointments to check their health status and that of recent contacts, in order to keep us all up and running. Some changes, such as allowing your friendly audiologist to wash her hands in your sink, may be required! If you are uncertain about having someone visit you at home, and wish to check my credentials, please visit

... where you will find me listed as a hearing aid dispenser.

I hope to see you all soon!

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