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Coming soon: Bernafon Budget Range

I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Bernafon, to provide a “budget” range of hearing aids. Bernafon are part of Oticon’s group, which make excellent quality aids. By providing a range which is not the latest release, I will be able to provide high tech solutions at a much lower cost.

I strongly believe in customers getting the right technology for their hearing loss and for their lifestyle. If you are a social being, and spend time in noisy environments, you are likely to benefit from high tech features. Directional microphones, noise reduction and speech enhancement make it possible to enjoy a night out with friends at a restaurant, but are premium features. Even supermarket shopping is difficult with basic tech, as background noise prevents you hearing the checkout worker right in front of you.

Normally a customer on a budget then has to make a choice. Do you purchase a lower tech solution and avoid noisy places, or a high tech solution that is perfect but unaffordable - maybe by taking a loan.

With this range, I will be able to offer a complete range of technology, at a lower cost than the most basic aid from my “premium range”.

A loss of choice from my previous employers is the main reason I left to work independently. I will be testing these aids myself over the next few weeks and am excited to soon be able to offer a full range for customers on a budget. I had hoped to have this in place already but unfortunately the staff at Bernafon have been furloughed, but I will have more news and a full price list soon!


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