Hearing Aid Different Styles

Current Prices

The hearing aids recommended will vary dependent on your preference, hearing test results and lifestyle needs.  This information is a guide.


Market Leading Premium Hearing Aids

£3,100 - £3,800 per pair

The latest hearing aids from the most respected manufacturers, based on cutting edge research and proven to perform.  Available in 4 different technology levels: Entry, Basic, Advanced and Ultra Advanced.  The technology level is related to your lifestyle and how demanding the listening situations are that you find yourself in.

You will have access to all hearing aids on the market, as I am truly independent. 

All styles are available, including the tiny custom-made 'invisible' aids.  You will not be charged more for a different style.


Essential Hearing Aid Range

£2,390 - £2,990 per pair

This brand of hearing aids is from the Sonova group of companies and has a solid reputation.  I include them in my portfolio at a reduced cost to compete with the chains on price and ensure that price is not a barrier to getting the technology required to match your lifestyle. 

This range borrows technology from a leading brand parent company (much like Skoda and VW's relationship), and they provide a more affordable option without compromise on phone connections or aesthetics.  Available in all technology levels.

Accessories for Website .png

Hearing Accessories

From £100

Accessories from all the leading manufacturers, to enhance the performance of your hearing aids in specific situations.  These devices connect your hearing aids directly to other sources, such as the TV or phone.  They can be used for circumstances where hearing aids alone are not enough.

Perfectdry Lux


From £5.90

Hearing aid maintenance and sundry items, such as batteries, wax guards, drying capsules and electronic drying and disinfection units.


Tinnitus Consultation


For a one-off fee, attend a dedicated consultation designed to educate you on tinnitus and get you ready to tackle and overcome it.  No gimmicks, no dubious claims or gadgets, no further costs.  More information on the Tinnitus Page.