Services We Offer

A complete list of services.  For hearing aid pricing, see Products.

Hearing Assessment 

A full hearing assessment is recommended if you have concerns about how well you are hearing.  It includes a hearing test and ear examination, and will take around two hours (the test/examination is an hour, the rest depends on how engaged you are and how much information you need/want!).  We will discuss your concerns together,  your test results will be explained in detail, and you will be advised if hearing solutions would be appropriate and how they might help you.  There will be questions about your lifestyle and situations where you currently have problems, such as with TV, in restaurants or on the phone.         
You may be offered a demonstration of hearing aids if appropriate. If the demonstration shows that hearing aids are beneficial and you want to find out more, I will also outline a treatment plan and recommendations for hearing solutions.       

Hearing Aids & Hearing Care

Hearing aids and hearing care are usually paid for and provided as a package.  You may have hearing aids recommended as part of your assessment.  If you choose to purchase them, you receive hearing care for the life of the aids.  This includes the fitting and follow up appointments, but also future adjustments, tinnitus assessment (if desired) and management, periodic retesting of hearing levels, reprogramming, repairs and any other advice you may need to get you started and keep you and your hearing aids in good working order!  Most hearing care is carried out face to face, however if you prefer we can also talk by email, phone or text message in order to give you the most convenient follow up care for your needs.

Pay As You Go Service for Existing Aids

Some customers have inherited or purchased aids online, or have a ‘store-only’ service and now need home-based care.  If the hearing aids are sufficient for your needs and you don’t need/want to change them, I can provide ad-hoc care.  This may include: retesting your hearing; reprogramming/adjusting the aids; providing new ear moulds or repairing aids.  These services can be provided for a flat fee on a Pay As You Go basis.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Tinnitus Consultation

Tinnitus can be distressing and can lead to anxiety and depression among sufferers.  One in ten people suffer from tinnitus and of those, 20% have normal hearing.  If you have no concerns about your hearing but would like to get help with your tinnitus, ask about a tinnitus consultation.  This includes a hearing test (to rule out clinical causes), but focuses solely on tinnitus and its impact.  See the Tinnitus page for more detailed information.


I offer fast appointments for your clients at my Brighouse clinic or their home location, and a quick turnaround on reports.  Hearing assessments and hearing loss/tinnitus diagnoses plus rehabilitation recommendations are available.  Pricing is on application depending on the length and detail of the report required, but for information a standard assessment and report is priced at £99.

[Externally Provided] Microsuction Wax Removal

Microsuction is the safest and quickest way to get wax thoroughly removed.  It is not a service I currently offer myself, so I recommend Ralph Leach at Pennine Ear Care in Kirkheaton, Huddersfield.  Ralph is an audiologist with vast experience of microsuction and all the reports I have had back from my customers have been incredibly positive.  Contact directly at or 07776 303308.  

Coming Soon - Tinnitus Rehabilitation Treatments

The one-off Tinnitus Consultation may well be all you need to understand and manage your tinnitus.  However I am currently collaborating with experts in the fields of tinnitus and psychology to work out a longer term programme of appointments for those needing extra help.  This programme includes initial assessment of the impact of your tinnitus, in-depth discussion, training on how to challenge your thought processes, collaborative strategies for your own management of tinnitus and stress, detailed discussion of sound therapy and an assessment of your progress.
Information on pricing and availability will be available when the service becomes available.