Sally Jackson BSc RHAD MSHAA

About the Company

Why Choose Hearing and Tinnitus Care?

Who Are You?

 Hearing and Tinnitus Care is the trading name of Sally Jackson, a qualified and experienced audiologist living in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.   Continuity of care is so important to get the best out of your hearing, and with Hearing and Tinnitus Care, I am the audiologist you will see every time.

I developed severe high frequency hearing loss around 15 years ago and come from a hard-of-hearing family.  I offer practical support on how to manage hearing loss without losing contact with the people and things you enjoy.  Successfully overcoming hearing loss is dependent on two things: choosing the right technology for your needs, and having an audiologist who makes the products work for you and supports you in your rehabilitation.  A good audiologist will never make excuses for the hearing aids, and will not quit until they are doing exactly what they should.

Can you help me with tinnitus?

Absolutely.  While many hearing care providers will shy away from tinnitus, believing that since it cannot be cured it can’t be helped, I will actively help you.  All my hearing care customers are entitled to a 2 hour tinnitus consultation at no extra cost, where we will discuss how to understand and combat tinnitus and use the features in your hearing aids / apps to their best advantage.  See the Tinnitus page on this website or contact me for more details. 

Where are you based?
I live in Brighouse, and always have. Primarily I visit clients directly in their homes, in Brighouse and the surrounding areas.  I also operate a regular clinic within Dermace Academy's building in Brighouse town centre, using their clinical space, reception and customer facilities. 

Home visits are a necessity for some clients, as steps and other accessibility issues can cause problems receiving good care.  They are also an excellent way to ensure hearing aids perform in the environment they are intended for.  

High Street, Internet Chain, NHS or Independent?  There are pros and cons to each option...
The NHS offer a decent, basic level of technology for free but are subject to severe service constraints as they try to see as many people as quickly as possible.  Their technology is “one size fits all”, and is unsuitable for those who are active in background noise.  Slim tubes have made their aids more discreet, but are only really suitable for mild loss, anyone with a loss greater than 40dB in the mid range is not going to be getting suitable amplification from slim tubes.  Home visits are rarely available, and it is difficult to get an extended appointment to get to the bottom of any real problems.  

High Street and Internet chain providers can give excellent service if you get a good audiologist working in your area, but at the end of the day their audiologists are subject to targets and heavy manufacturer bias (limited product range).  Appointments can be rushed if the company places too much pressure on the dispenser you see, or if the dispenser is more sales-oriented.  The audiologist you start out with often leaves the company during the lifetime of your hearing aids, and you have no choice in who you then see.  These are among the reasons why I chose to start my own business.  I believe appointments should be as long as they need to be to fix the issues presented, first time.  I also believe that a one to one relationship is best for both customer and audiologist.  

Independent providers offer complete one-to-one care and a product range you cannot get through the NHS or chain providers, but they cause concern for many.  How do I know if I can trust the company if they aren’t a well-known name?  What if the company stops trading? Will they stop being helpful once I have bought my hearing aids?  These are valid concerns, but thankfully all audiologists have to be registered with the Healthcare Professions Council, and some are voluntary members of BSHAA, an organisation that acts as a customer care backstop and can compel audiologists to refund or pay damages to mistreated customers. 

Hearing and Tinnitus Care is a BSHAA member, fully insured/indemnified with RSA, and existing customers can be serviced even if the company were to stop trading/being open for new customers (this is in fact what will happen when I retire in 25 years!).  The products I provide have warranties that are applicable even if you move home or change hearing care providers.  I care very much for my reputation and want satisfied customers as their testimonials are what brings new customers.

Qualifications and Memberships

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from the University of Leeds, and a Level 1 qualification in British Sign Language.  I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council as a Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD). An RHAD can practice with any of a number of different qualifications, from the now defunct 6-month course which some took in order to change their career, the foundation degree (FSc), or a 3 year degree which includes long-term clinical training within the NHS.  The full honours degree is required to practice in the NHS and I chose this route as I wanted to immerse myself in my chosen topic, and be the best audiologist I can be.  Other independent providers often have a lower qualification and come from a sales type background.  They would not be allowed to hold the title Audiologist and dispense aids if they worked in the NHS. They may enjoy their work but unfortunately they can view it as a sales business instead of the healthcare provision that it is.  It’s important to get to know your independent  audiologist and have a money back guarantee in case they are not as good as they say.

Pricing quoted is per pair, and service for the life of the aids and a warranty are included in that cost. Warranties vary between 2-5 years depending on products chosen.  A single hearing aid can be supplied at a reduced cost if applicable.  Free home trials are available for most hearing aids (excluding custom builds), and there is a 30 day money-back guarantee for you to be sure the aids are going to be right for you in all environments.  

I aim to make it as easy as possible for people to get better hearing, and part of that is being sure that there is no risk involved in trying hearing aids out.

You will receive open, honest information and advice.  If your needs can be amply met by the NHS, you will be informed.  You will receive a recommendation of the best options that will meet your needs, and a full explanation of why those products are recommended.  You will also receive information on higher and lower priced options and how they differ from the recommended products.  You will never receive a recommendation for a product that is more advanced (expensive) than you require.

Vulnerable People
If you have dementia or learning difficulties, you may wish to have support from a friend or relative during your appointments.  Weekend appointments are available to allow this.  With your permission, I can discuss your care and the reasons for any recommendations with a friend or relative.  Children who have been assessed by the NHS and given hearing aids are also welcome to have a consultation to see if they would be better off with private products, however this is on a case by case basis as my service is not suitable for all types of hearing loss.  If you would like information on behalf of a relative, please contact me to discuss their situation.


Located at Dermace Academy, Brighouse

Home visits are available, but I also operate from this light, bright and welcoming clinical space.